Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Jazzy good times

I'd like to apologize to anyone I may have drunkenly tweeted, excessively praised, or stopped in the street on New Year's Eve. My memory of that night gets pretty hazy a couple of hours before midnight and totally blanks out before the ball dropped in Times Square. I guess it was a fun night though I'm still hearing new and embarrassing stories of things that I did. Fortunately I didn't do anything illegal or amoral and I don't think I'm barred from returning to the home at which the party took place (thank goodness they have hardwood floors). I did fall to the floor while trying to dance (I may been have doing a solo but for all I know I could have been with the cast of All That Jazz (maybe I thought I was)).
What better time to write up the best of 2010 than in the aftermath of its last booze fueled night.

Best movie:
I saw a lot of movies in Inuvik – on my computer (there is no movie theatre in town). I’d have to give the “best movie I watched on my laptop, on my lap” award to Moon. It sort of reminded me of Cast Away but set on the moon, and it had a robot fond of emoticons, and clones.

Best Movie in a Theatre:
I'm not sure someone didn't plant this in my dream but I'd have to give it to Inception. (Pa Rum pum pum). Wait, did Hames already make that joke?

Best book :

Hands down the best thing I read this year was Scott Pilgrim by Brain Lee O'Malley. Six volumes filled with everything I like: friendships, love, video game, pop culture and music references, a great sense of humour and a thoroughly enjoyable story.

Best regular books:

Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer. I know I know - it's non-fiction. The story of Chris McCandless is an intriguing one and I'm glad I was able to get over my usual disdain of real life stories.

The Angel's Game by Carlos Ruiz Zafon. I have to read this one again - someday. Here's a tip for first time readers - remember that there is such a thing as an unreliable narrator. Don't worry I didn't ruin anything.

Best music:
This is a tough one but I'll give it to Forest City Lovers and their new album Carriage. A very close runner up would be the latest from Magneta Lane - Gambling with God. I'd recommend Constellation and Castles respectively.

Most memorable concert:
A friend invited Capital M and I to see Helmut and a few other bands perform at Lee's Palace (a venue that is also featured in Scott Pilgrim). The scene was set when the drummer of the first band burned about 25,800 calories during the 25 minute set. The crowd didn't get as intense as the Juggalos that attacked Tila Tequila but for a guy who has listed the above albums as his favourites of the year it was pretty intense - in a good way.

Best snow experience:
Chi and Cha. I don’t think I’ll ever forget those commands for getting sled dogs to turn right or left. Some quick internet research has told me the commands are Gee and Haw - maybe this will explain why the dogs never responded to me. Regardless, dog sledding up north stands out as one of my favourite experiences in a very long time.

A very close runner up would be driving on the Arctic Ocean when M and I went to Tuktoyaktuk.

Best café:
If you find yourself in Whitehorse, YK, I'd highly recommend checking out Baked. They may not have a website but they do have some excellent recipes for scones, and soups and lots of other stuff that looked really good.

Best game:
Heavy Rain by Quantic Dream for PS3. This was an altogether different kind of gaming experience. It wasn't without its faults but did an excellent job of forcing players to answer the question - how far would you go to save someone you love?

Best camping moment:
No biblical rainstorms this year but water does factor into the decision. Anyone looking for massive waves in Ontario should check out the area around Turkey Point, Lake Erie.

Best travel experience:
Maybe one of the best things about travelling is the chance to reconnect with old friends. Seeing Hamesy and Danielle (nickname coming soon) in Vancouver was the highlight of a trip filled with memorable moments.
Danielle gave us a behind the scenes tour of the Vancouver Aquarium:

I was kissed by a Fur Seal - how cool is that!

Hamesy was chalk full of fun facts about Vancouver. He also introduced me to Rye and Ginger - a drink that reduced me to a drunken, rolling on the floor mess a few nights ago. Here's a new fun fact - Jesse can't handle that much Rye.

I think that wraps up the greatest hits from 2010. I wish everyone all the best in 2011.