Monday, November 12, 2007

I remember when you were here

I have made my very own club. Anyone can join and it's pretty easy to get in. Staying in, however, is a different story. The "First timer's club" is, as the name suggests, for people who have done something for the very first time. First time on an airplane - you're in. First time at a foam party - you get the idea. For no very good reason I have decided that the club membership expires one week after the first timer incident. The challenge is to stay in the club for as long as possible. For younger people this isn't a problem - their lives are full of first times. For guys like me, who have just turned 31 (I'm still riding that first timer high) things get a bit more challenging. It is true that I often shout out "First timer's club" when Capital M and I are driving in a new area of the city but I think that's kind of pushing it. Real first time events tend to stick in your memory for years (like riding on top of a van and going under a rather low tunnel bridge at break neck speeds).
So to you, aspiring member or person seeking membership renewal, be safe, have fun, and never stop having first times.