Monday, August 22, 2005

Combat Baby

Are all families really psychotic? I hope so because I'd hate to think that mine is the exception to the rule.

Friday, August 12, 2005

It Falls Apart

Wow, what a shitty week. On Wednesday I found out that someone got ahold of my credit card # and was going to town buying all kinds of stuff. That's cool. It could have been a lot worse if the bank hand't thought something was fishy about my all of sudden out of control spending habits. I think the total amount was around $1000 in one day.
As well, a lot of kids have been really difficult this past week. And they haven't been really great in past weeks, so this is saying something. I had to tell one boy that he's not allowed to come next week. Two different parents have called me and said that their kids were not coming in because they had been bullied. I know that kids can be mean and that there are going to be hurt feelings but I cannot have parents calling and saying that their kids are afraid to come because of one boy. Naturally, the bully comes from a bad home and that's the only reason why I didn't kick him right out.
I've thought a lot about this issue. In the end I decided that whatever good influence the camp may have on this boy is too high a price to pay for the other kids, the staff and the programme's reputation. I had a big talk with him this afternoon and in the end he was pleading with me not to call his grandmother, he told me he'd do anything. All I wanted him to do was show some remorse for what he's done but I don't think it ever occurred to him. I heard this boy probably suffers from fetal alcohol syndrom. One of the symptoms is showing no regret or remorse. This kid's life isn't going to be easy.
Another highlite of the week was having one boy severely fracture his arm. He was running with a hockey stick and tripped over it. I actually didn't think it was broken, although I could tell he was in a lot of pain. However, it turns out he had to go to Edmonton (a four hour drive) and get pins put in his arm. I really do feel like things were kind of falling apart this week.
Anyway, I've whined enough for one night. Having this job hasn't turned off me working with kids (although when I'm teaching I think I'll always have some Tylonol on hand). Plus, being a highschool teacher means I won't be with the same bad kid all day every day. Instead, I'll have a bunch a bad kids interspersed throughout the day. At least I'll get a little variety.

Friday, August 05, 2005

I want it all

My friend Kristy came up this past weekend. We went for a super hike on Saturday. Just how super was it? Well, it was about 23 kms in length with a sizable part of that distance being spent walking up and down a mountain pass. We were trying to find a place called 'Mystery Lake.' At times there was no trail, just the occasional yellow reflector or a kairn. At one point we were even traversing a rock ledge with a river below, it was pretty cool. Unfortunately, the lake will stay a mystery as we decided it would be wise to turn around when we came across signs of a large predatory animal. We had to have been very close to the lake when we came upon an alpine meadow, which is prime grizzly country. Something big had laid down in some bushes and we later saw some very fresh carnivorous animal droppings. It was dissappointing to have to turn back but the hike was totally amazing.
The next day we hiked along a glacier and drank water that fell from its waterfalls. I only wish I had a picture because words can't do it justice.
All in all it was a really great weekend, except for camping in a parking lot. Good weekends out here and few and far between. The only other one was the Camp Chief Hector Reunion. More on that one later.
Oh, and on a further postive note, only 24 more days until I leave this place!

A mistake

After consulting the history books it would seem I have made an error. My post of Life #2 is actually supposed to be Life #4. For anyone that cares I'm currently working on a new post titled Life #3. Stay tuned to this blog site for more exciting developments.