Tuesday, May 19, 2009

On and On

If anyone wants to hear a great band then I'd recommend you check out Cowpuncher.  Just try and keep your feet still while listening to 'It's time to Wake Up.'  I had the good fortune to work with two of the band memebers at CCH.  I wish them the best.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

It's Time To Wake Up

Here are some snippets of conversations I heard while downtown on Friday night:

...She was leaking shit from her ass...
...when you were picking up that guy...
...drinking that bag of blood....
...she was so fat she was like 5 Chucks

I was also able to catch a whole conversation:
"You look like that guy from 'Superbad'!"
"Who McLovin'?"
"No, that other guy, the one from Brampton, you were also in Arrested Development and Nick and Norah's Tape Player"
"Oh, yeah, I was also in Holes"
Well all know that Michael Cera wasn't in Holes, and for the record, the guy looked nothing like Michael Cera

The streetcar was full of really drunk girls, one of who spent part of the ride puking on the floor.  Another spent the entire ride resting her head in her friend's lap.  She was so drunk that she couldn't pull herself together to get off at the right stop, much to the annoyance of her friends.
Fun night.

Friday, May 15, 2009


The advent of texting, and its shorted form of common words, has a lot of people worried about the ability of today's youth to write properly.  Teachers lament the missing 'wh' from the word 'y,' feminists struggle to remind today's young women that there is an 'I' in 'grl,' and those receiving accolades may feel a little slighted when all they receive is a shortened 'gratz'.  However, there is hope for future.  Few would argue that youth will often rebel against their parents and others in positions of authority.  As such when today's youth become parents, we may start seeing their children writing words with extra letters as a form of rebellion.  For example, the name Alex in the future may look like 'Ahleghx.'   Common words like 'new' will start with a silent 'p' (pnew), and nice will start with a k and have an extra 'y' (kniyce).  In fact, it wouldn't be surprising to see new letters being used silently.  The letter 'x', for instance, may be subtly added to words to make them a little longer.  A text message from the future may read like this "Mothering, Ih am xenjoying maiy stuhdies at puniverghsity."  

From Norbert Ispin's "A look at the World of Tomorrow, Today"