Tuesday, October 04, 2005

silent night, deadly night?

I noticed this little oddity while I was waiting for the bus to go home from school. Most other sewer grates in this city say "Halifax Regional Municipality." This one reads like it will lead into your worst nightmare. You know how it goes - some college kids need a new place to party and one of them says "hey why not the sewers." The other four people (one hot, busty girl, one visible minority (male or female), one bookish type girl and one male jock) are reluctant at first but somehow agree that the sewer would be an awesome place to party it up (likewise their friendship is never explained either). They find this old sewer grate and proceed to remove it and then head on down to the space below armed with liquor and music. Little do they know that their libertine lifestyle is about to get them all killed, or all but one. Oh, and for added drama, maybe the sewer grate is made out of the metal from an electric chair. (Wow, I'm starting to scare myself a little here.)