Monday, July 02, 2007

I sure hope he makes it in the end

I could start this off with a direct and pointed comment about the amount of time that has passed since my last post, but instead I'll leave it just like this.

In other blog spot news:

1. I have been teaching at a private school since May. There are many, many things wrong with my job and I'm not overly fond of it but at least I'm teaching.

2. Capital M says I say 'since' like 'sense.' I disagree, I think I've combined the way the two words sound into multipurpose singular word.

3. I recently read 'The Map Maker's Opera' - it gets my 'right on right on' stamp of approval

4. I tried using EBay and the seller stole my money. It turns out there isn't much buyer protection or stealer prosecution. I can't help but reflect on my luck in moments like this - I have my health, so I know it's not all bad.

5. My hair is now mostly grey - this annoys me greatly.

6. I could promise to post more often but I think I've done this before and, when looking over my opening remarks, I obviously have problems with this type of commitment

7. I'll leave things on a odd (and prime) #. In real life I prefer to have things be even (an even # of eggs remaining, an even bunch of bananas eaten at a rate of two a day) I'm not OCD - it just makes sense (pronounced with a mix of 'since')

8. On second thought - I'll stop at 8