Monday, August 31, 2009

Robots need love too

I spent last night in a hotel close to the Edmonton airport. The area seems to be frequented by truckers (lonely truckers?). The picture to the left doesn't show just how shady the building was, but I think I found a place where 'happy endings' are pretty much a guarantee for those looking for a little relief after a long haul.
Why was I in such an area you may ask? It was the first stop on my way to the town of Inuvik in the North West Territories. For the next ten months I will be teaching basic education to adults at a community college. It is my deepest hope that this experience will make it possible for me to find work in Toronto. Saying goodbye to Capital M and the cats was really difficult and not something I plan on repeating.
On a side note - When I arrived in Edmonton the weather was a surprising 27 degrees. Inuvik offered its own surprise of 2 degrees with a few flakes of snow thrown in for good measure. The person meeting me at the airport picked me out of the crowd right away saying that my camera and shorts gave me away as a newbie to the town. So much for blending in.
Lastly, if anyone knows what time I start work tomorrow - please let me know.