Monday, March 02, 2009

I'm a sack person - deal with it

A few more things:

1) I didn't go to the dentist for almost ten years ( I finally went to one last year). However, due to good oral hygiene I had no cavities, no major tarter build up and no other issues
2) I do a lot of singing. I had thought I kept this habit mostly to myself (or at least confined within my home) but an acquaintance recently mentioned that I was always singing. This was both surprising and a little embarrassing
3) When I was a little boy I jumped into a fountain at a mall and started swimming. It happened during a cold snap and as such I was bundled up in a snow suit. My mom had to buy me new clothes as it was too cold outside, and I was too wet, to make it home without freezing. We didn't have a lot of money and I'm pretty sure my mom didn't end up buying whatever she went to get
4) Like many young boys I really wanted to learn karate after seeing 'The Karate Kid.' Hours before my first judo lesson (karate wasn't offered), I ended up badly breaking my leg when my friends and I were practicing our 'karate' moves. As such, my martial arts career ended before it even began
5) The ER doctor didn't set my leg properly before putting the cast on and months later the doctors had to straighten it out. They were looking at two options i) rebreak it and then reset it ii) drive a wedge into my cast and bend the mending bone back into shape. They chose the latter option and it stands out as one of the most painful experiences in my life (this happened when I was in grade 5)
6) I like to believe that I have super human healing powers, a super immune system and that I'm fairly resilient to getting hurt. I really don't bruise easily and I rarely get sick. Point 4 may seem to contradict this but I believe it may have happened to let me know that I'm not invincible (but close)
7) I'm quite clumsy
8) I'm fairly cynical about a lot things, but not all things
9) I generally dislike wearing jackets. It's been 4 years (and counting) since I last put on a rain jacket
10) I don't think I've ever used an umbrella
11) If I were a comic book villain, my alter ego may be 'the Over-Reactor.' You know how it goes: mild-mannered guy by day who sometimes overreacts to banal pieces of information.
12) I taught myself how to juggle but can't figure out how to do more than three balls
13) I've attended 6 post-secondary institutions
14) Capital M recently called me 'the Cinnamon King.' She only called me it once but it's pretty fitting; I use a lot of cinnamon. I went on a special shopping trip for ceylon cinnamon and ended up buying some saigon cinnamon as well. For those who don't know- ceylon cinnamon is true cinnamon and it's totally different from what is sold at regular grocery stores