Sunday, September 24, 2006

Dr. Blind

I admit, there has been a lengthy hiatus of posts on this blog. There were several times this summer when I started to write a post and then stopped - I'm not even sure why, I guess it just didn't feel right. Or, maybe it was because I am incapable of doing anything when it gets really hot - living on the equator hot (or in Toronto during the summer). It was not uncommon for me to suddenly fall asleep anywhere, at any time, when the summer was at its hottest. There were times this summer when I almost found it too hot to chew my food. I'd take a bite of something and then regret having done so. The only appropriate course of action was to go forward with my original plan, and try and stay awake while doing so.
Capital M and I also got two cats this summer. Cat 1 and Cat 2 can be distinguished by who ever is closest to me at any given time. This was never an issue while I was in Toronto but now I rely on M's information on which cat is which. Actually, there were times I had to a get a measuring tape out when I couldn't be certain of which cat was 1 or 2 but it only happened a few times. One of the cats, who happened to be cat 1 most of the time, really likes canned food and isn't crazy about close human contact. Cat 2 (most of the time) really likes to sit on M's lap and is generally more unruly. Both cats, regardless of their geographical location, are pretty funny and nice to have around.
I also became a champion swimmer this summer. Most days I would go down to the free outdoor pool and swim with the seniors. It is true that I don't think they knew I was racing them but even if they did I probably still would have won. Ha, kidding. I'm about as fast as a water logged tree stump at the bottom of a lake. I take more pleasure in diving under the water then in trying to glide across its surface. The pool often reminded me of a nature documentary - You know the ones where they show Africa during the hottest months of the dry season and all animals great and small are packed into an ever shrinking watering hole - that's what the pool was like. On really hot days no one really moved, they would stay motionless with a look of bliss on their faces. Like the wilds of Africa there were dangerous creatures in the pool - people who looked a little too happy or not happy at all. Those who mumbled to themselves and those who seemed relentless in making sure no one else had a good time. However, the perils were worth it and it was the only time of day that I was guaranteed to stay awake.
I think I'll end this post with another edition of:
Things I don't like
  • Oprah's name appearing on the books that she has read and likes - if I wanted her opinion I'd watch her show
  • Dr. Phil - I don't think I need to explain this one
  • Corner Gas - a new, probably lame, season has just started
  • Clay Akin has a new cd coming out
  • Arrested Development was cancelled
  • That this is entire list is comprised of things relating to tv