Wednesday, January 18, 2006

I need to find some peace

One thing I was hoping to do was update my blog a little more often. So far that clearly hasn't happened. Currently, it sounds like the end of world is occuring outside of my window. The wind is making all the glass (and there is a lot of glass) bulge in the patio doors and windows. The water in the toilet bowl is sloshing around and I can feel the floor shaking beneath me. Being that I'm 32 stories above the earth's surface I'm telling myself it's from the air pressure...
To recap my life since the last post on here, it goes something like this:
I had no life in Decemeber. I was teaching a lot and my life at home was consumed with making lesson plans. Christmas was fantastic and, as usual, I received many, many presents. M got me a really nice watch (amongst other things). New Year's Eve is a bit fuzzy but I do know two certain facts. 1) Marzi and I ended up at a Sierra Lionnian party 2) In my drunken state I tried Ox Tail soup. I am not an adventerous person when it comes to food and I have a somewhat sensitive stomach. Therefore, my judgement had to be very impaired for me to try it.
School this term is a little better in that I have one less class. Only five this term. As well, I'm at a new teaching placement. No more praying to Gad every day and singing his praises at any given moment.
Capital M is currently in Moncton doing a work placement. This is her final requirement for her Masters of Speech Pathology (go M!). Moncton isn't very far away but our little room amongst the clouds has been entirely too quiet since she's been gone.
Moreover, it feels very strange to come home and not see her and her friend 'The Char' or Charizard hanging out.
Anyway, maybe I will post this now and turn off the computer before the power goes out (or I'm shredded by flying glass ;)

ps - I have a theory
I believe that only children do not make good matches/mates for other only children.
Any thoughts?