Thursday, September 22, 2005

Go Team!

I went and saw 'Just like Heaven' last night with Marika, or Marzipan. The movie was surprisingly bad. I thought the movie wasn't going to be good but was then further surprised at its complete lack of a) good acting b) story c) something resembling sense.
Run down of the plot - there's Reese, a ghost. Mark, a somewhat depressed guy. Depresso meets ghost, they argue, fall in love, plant a garden. I hope I haven't ruined anything for you if you wanted to see it.

(the author of this blog actually hasn't ruined anything, but is advising you not to see the movie)

just remember to breath

Unfortunately, someone took down my sign...

Monday, September 19, 2005

Life # 7

One year ago today I was hit by a taxi while walking across a parking lot. Fortunately the cab wasn't going too fast but it was going fast enough. It was dark and raining that night and it didn't help that I was wearing dark coloured clothes. Ironically, right before I was hit I was thinking of how to walk gracefully in the rain.
At first I had no idea what happened. One minute I was walking a long and then time stopped moving as it normally does, or at least my time did. My life became punctuated by three seemingly unrelated and inexplicable events: I felt an explosive pain in my left leg - my head hit something, or something hit my head (I didn't know which) - my body hit the ground.
Rain was pouring down, people were shouting and I heard someone's voice above the rest cry "somebody call an ambulance!" As I lay on my side I thought my leg was shattered, it felt that way. It took me longer then you'd think to realize that I had been hit by a car.
The fire department arrived first to the scene and I was strapped onto a spinal board. Prior to that a bunch of pedestrians stood around me and one guy, whose name I unfortunately can't remember, took off his shirt and held it to my head.
As I was loaded into the ambulance I got a brief look at the cab that had hit me. The windshield was smashed, presumably from my head.
I spent the rest of the night waiting in the emergency room. I wasn't hurt bad enough to receive immediate treatment. In the end I only needed stitches near my eye and I could have asked for crutches but I declined.
All in all, I got off pretty easy. I have a strong body, and healthy bones (thanks milk). But, my knee still hurts and I'm sometimes afraid that I'm developing a phobia when crossing streets. It's nothing serious but I sometimes I catch myself bracing for an impact on my left side.
I may be a man of low grade steel but I don't want to experience that again.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Choose the highest bidder

Sweet Mother of God. I made it out, with most of my sanity intact. But I have been marked. My hair has changed from brown to more of a salt and pepper colouring, with an emphasis on the salt. I've been having dreams where the coordinator from last year gives me grief about how I ran things this year. Tara, I just wanted to 'go further.'
My body is no longer used to tempratures above 15 degrees with no humidity. It was a really nice summer in Jasper.
Anyway, Capital M, or Marzipan, and I are off to vacation on the Southern Shore of Nova Scotia.